Monday, June 28, 2004


After I sent out my letter, I did get a few replies, including an email from Tacitus. I also want to thank the various members of the blogosphere who've either acknowledged my letter or put it up on their own sites.

Tacitus said:

Hi Kevin,

A good cause. I'll try to address it sometime this weekend. I may be going to Korea in a few weeks, so I went online last night to see the ROK-official tourist sites. A shocking amount of shilling for the North Koreans. Last time I was there, in the early 1980s, they had a much clearer understanding of the enemy.

On the other hand, the government then was also a quasi-fascist military dictatorship, so I guess we can't be too nostalgic for it.

Most resp.,

My thanks also go out to:

John Moore of Useful Fools
Kilgore Trout
Angry Chinese Blogger
Richard at Peking Duck
Justin Yoshida of Cosmic Buddha
The Marmot

...and others I might have missed. Some of the above, like Blinger, posted my letter despite my not having emailed them directly. I'm honored.

A REMINDER to people who email me at the GMail address: please write the phrase "hairy chasms" in your subject line, or your email will get trashed. I've taken to rummaging through my trash bin lately, and have found a few emails from friends in it. I don't rummage that often, though, which is why I haven't replied swiftly or at all to some of those correspondences.

And the bad erotica continues for our censors' delectation...

Her ass cheeks were like mounds of Jello inside plastic garbage bags: bursting with fruity flavor, waiting for a meaty spoon to dig in and explore them to the fullest.

"Hold still," Bruce grunted as he tried to keep the ass cheeks from jiggling uncontrollably, but his hands, which could palm basketballs with ease, were simply too small for the task.


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