Sunday, June 13, 2004

a possible Air Marshal logo?

I've made a long list of promises I haven't kept, and among those is the promise to make a logo for Dave, the Air Marshal.

I don't want this to be some inside joke (as it is with "Seinfeld" episodes, which are scripted in such a way that, if you're not there to see the first ten minutes, you'll be out of the loop for the remaining 17), so allow me to 'splain you why Dave is the Air Marshal.

It all has to do with Mike's blog, Naked Villainy, you see. Mike is the Maximum Leader on his blog (and eventually, he'll be your Maximum Leader, too), and all good Maximum Leaders have ministers in their administration. I'm the Poet Laureate; Dave, being an aeronautical engineer by training, is the Air Marshal; Mark, the uh, somewhat-liberal farmer who goes by the handle Smallholder, is also the Minister of Agriculture (it's a bit like a Russian play or a Tolkien story, where everyone has several names and titles-- Vanya and Ivan, Mithrandir and Stormcrow); Greg, currently in Germany, is the Foreign Minister; and Rob, who hangs with the Hollywood power elite in L.A., is the appropriately named (and appropriately Limousine Liberal!) Minister of Propaganda.

If I recall correctly, Dave told me he wanted a logo that reflected his status as scientist, not some quasi-Nazi Air Marshal-esque design. Something along the lines of a mad scientist, I think he said.

So I racked my brains and came up with this:


As you can see, I've depicted the mad scientist with a vial of chemicals in his hand and a look of utmost seriousness on his face. He looks almost like the type of mad scientist who might down those chemicals himself, just to obtain the necessary data more quickly. He might even down a second draught of said chemicals before having registered the effects of the first draught.

In all seriousness, Dave's eyes don't bulge, nor is he fat. That picture doesn't look much like Dave at all, except maybe for the Klingon goatee and soul-patch (I was working from a pic taken at my CUA graduation, man-- you had a soul-patch then, don't deny it). I also neglected to give Dave glasses. So all in all, the above might work as a logo, but it isn't really a picture of Dave the Air Marshal. Ah, well.

Dave's a guest poster on my blog (look for posts signed "Air Marshal"), so I'm sure he'll tell us all what he thinks of that cartoon.

Bracing for yet another storm of critique (Vallicella, Sperwer-- who's next?), I remain

Your Humble Narrator


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