Monday, June 07, 2004

turdology 2 and random squeezings

Wooj and I received a cc'ed email from Joel that contained a... special file attachment. Were I hooked up with DSL at my current hovel, I'd have slapped that puppy on the blog faster than you can shoot out the warm, brown, runny stuff. But Wooj was quicker on the draw and did what I wanted to do: he quoted Joel's email in full and is hosting the picture on his blog.

The only difference is that I'd have stuck the picture right on the blog's main page for all to see. Wooj pulls punches, and therein lies his weakness for us Dark Jedi to exploit. Anyway, visit Wooj's blog, read the post, have a chortle at Joel's short-but-hilarious email (especially the "gunfighter" part), and enjoy.

The observant will have noticed that I finally-- and sadly-- dropped Goldbrick in Seoul. The blog is dead. It's shown zero activity since March. Given the number of good new blogs out there in the Koreablogosphere, there's little reason to keep the site around. No hard feelings, man; I thought it was a fantastic blog, but the cardinal rule is that you have to satisfy the Hominid's flea-like short attention span. Failing that, off you go. This always frustrates me, because I pride myself in picking good blogs to be on the blogroll. While I can no longer say I read all of them every single day (we've hit blogroll puberty and the blogroll's just getting too damn long), they are all frequent reads. Pax vobiscum, Mr. Carr.

I'm adding Kangmi's blog in Brendan's place, and I'm also planning on adding Xeniteia pretty soon. That's one fascinating blog.

Andi's got a great primer on Bollywood-- a subject on which I know nothing, except that there used to be a dude named Sanjay Dutt who was called "The Indian Rambo" for his action roles. Oh-- and I know that the dude who played Mola Ram in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," Amrish Puri, is a hugely famous Bollywood actor. I've heard plenty about how the characters in Indian films almost always break into song and dance routines. I assume this is what Hollywood was stealing when they attempted that series "Cop Rock" back in the early 90s.

Am ecstatic to have received an online commission to do some artwork (thanks, Hahna), something along the lines of the Dalma-do on my sidebar (see near the top). If other people want a Dalma-do (which is pretty much my specialty until I practice some other designs), please give me an email and we'll talk price. That reminds me-- I owe Andi that scroll for Musang-sa. It's sitting here; I should mail it or something.

This also reminds me: many thanks to Carpemundi for that absolutely kick-ass book on Chinese brush art. I'd flipped through it randomly over the past couple months, but didn't really sit down to look at it seriously until just two days ago. Damn, that thing's a font of information. Luckily, I'm not far from Insa-dong, so I'll be able to grab a lot of the supplies the book recommends.

And now: a haiku.

gerbils in my ass
make me think of Richard Gere
whose ass is empty


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