Wednesday, June 09, 2004

kitty kitty

Once I found myself staring a little too long at my cat's ass. My cat looked at me and gave me that slow blink that says, "Well, if you're going to do something about it, now's the time. No one's looking."

In other news: I had a ton of Mexican food (thanks, KimcheeGI), so now I'm on Dung Vigil. A few hours from now, a phenomenon more beautiful than the passage of Venus across the sun will occur-- preferably in a toilet and not in my pants. Perhaps we'll have photos, or even a live feed. As with bright celestial phenomena, please don't look directly at it when it happens, or you might go blind.

Speaking of toilets, Bobster Blog's got a hilarious toilet pic up (Bob appears to be using old-style Blogger permalinkage, so this link might not be stable). Give Bob's pic a gander. Write something on his stall's walls.

Wooj is ranting about his boss, but this doesn't appear to be about anything a sledgehammer to the balls couldn't solve.

Since all the blood has left my brain to aid in digesting the approximately 200 pounds of taco salad currently residing in my stomach, I think I'll stop here.


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