Wednesday, June 30, 2004

welllllllllcome, O Instalanche

Ah-- CYBER-DIARRHEA! The Hairy Chasms get its very first (and likely only) Instalanche, and I'm unable to access SiteMeter to watch the numbers tick upward. How fucking perverse is that?

First-- credit where it's due:

Jeff at Ruminations in Korea has been on the Korean censorship case, as have many other Koreabloggers (for a quick and dirty orientation, click on my banner; see my sidebar for other Koreabloggers, all worth a large chunk of your time).

I also need to note that the excellent Koreablog called About Joel is where I got the email address for the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication: Check Joel's blog out.

While I can't take responsibility for The League of FUCK because FUCK has no members and does not exist (cough), I'm happy to see that the nonexistent FUCK will be growing in size.

Just be sure you write the South Korean government. Did Satan's Anus suggest "polite disagreement"? Nah-- if you're safely ensconced in the US, go ahead and fuckin' rave at the government!

One word of caution: although I'm having a lot of fun with circumventing the ban, there are deadly serious issues in play here. I need to make a request: if you feel the urge to mail the Korean government tasteless and censorship-worthy material, do me a favor and please DO NOT mail them copies of the Kim beheading video. I would also ask you not to host the video on your site (or link to the video) as a gesture of defiance-- the video is already easily available, even from inside South Korea.

I ask the above because, while I'm willing to thumb my nose at this government, I'm not willing to do further damage to Kim's family, who has already suffered enough from media saturation. Think about what you do: as the Korean papers are saying, the broadcast of Kim's beheading is like "killing him twice." I also need to caution our own home-grown crop of racist fuckwads to cut the shit and stop using Kim's death as an excuse for your sick, stupid jokes about Korea and Koreans. While I'm often critical of Korea, I won't stand for the racism.

Aside from that, I hope you squat on the South Korean government's doorstep and squeeze out a huge, steaming load. Their hypocrisy deserves nothing less.

UPDATE: I got access to SiteMeter a few minutes ago. Holy shit, you people move in droves. Thanks for the hits, folks. And if some of you have a foul sense of humor and want to stick around after the Instalanche crests in a few hours, I hope you will. Once the Korean government drops its ban (in days or weeks), I'm switching back to my usual, more sedate blog banner, and we'll be returning to our regular, intestinal burblings on the sacred and the profane.

UPDATE 2: Some of you have tried contacting me via email. Please read the policy on my sidebar before doing so. If you don't type "hairy chasms" in your subject line, my filter will trash you. The email is recoverable, but I don't always go rooting through my trash for emails.


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