Thursday, June 17, 2004


I'm waiting to get into the PC-bahng's VIP room so I can upload the post I, uh, "wrote" for tonight. Here's hoping you like it. But it might be a couple hours before I get an opportunity to get into that room.

[NB: The Go-dae Magic Station PC-bahng has a "VIP" room that offers more modern computers, better chairs, and a slightly (only slightly) quieter environment in which to game or surf or blog. I can plug my nifty 128MB USB memory stick into a CPU and upload or download data. Uploading usually requires an FTP program, but free FTPPs are easy to find and quick to install.]

Magic Station raised its regular hourly rates from W1000 to W1200/hour, which means I now pay a full dollar per hour. The VIP room is W1300/hour, which isn't a bad deal, relatively speaking.

There's a PC-bahng across the street (the one I mentioned before) that now charges only W800/hour before midnight, then W600/hour until sometime in the morning. Mucho cheaper, but it's smoky and I can't use the USB memory stick.

More in a bit, we hope.


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