Monday, June 21, 2004

just say no

Nancy Reagan's legacy comes back as my motto of choice today, for although Woosong University is interested in making me an offer, I'm not interested in them. My interviewers were nice enough-- one fifty- or sixty-something Aussie fellow and the Korean vice chairman of the language center. I even got a glimpse of a few of the foreign teachers, all of whom seem to be on a bit on the older-- and flabbier-- side, so I at least fit the profile of a typical Woosong teacher.

But the Woosongians want me to teach kids in large groups ("Ten to fifteen," said the Aussie, but "Nine to twelve," said the Korean vice chairman when he saw the look on my face), and they want me to work split shifts. It doesn't help that the language center's location in Taejeon is somewhere at the ass-end of the city.

I'll be interviewing at two other places (one in Seoul, one in Ulsan), neither of which makes you teach kids. Folks, I don't mind my current batch of wee tutorees (hell, I'd be happy to adopt Min-sung), but there's no way in hell you're getting me back in a room with more than two kids. Not for less than W50,000 an hour.

The Aussie was very up-front about what to expect at Woosong: "Anything can happen," he said, while his Korean counterpart smiled vaguely. I'm happy the Aussie was so forthcoming; it makes my own decision easier.

Bye-bye, Woosong. Good luck finding the right person for your meat grinder.

I'm still in Taejeon; am taking the 6PM KTX bullet train out. Some parting thoughts...

On Saturday, Justin noted that Japan was due for a typhoon the following day. Sure enough, God drained his dragon on Korea on Sunday. Bladder like clockwork. Big props to the Almighty for some monster pissing. Today was brighter and clearer, but shit, it's humid. Reminds me of home in Old Virginny. As John Kerry can testify, Virginia is just like Vietnam.

I loved my love hotel, the K Motel. Friendly service, clean room... the only problem was a slightly leaky valve in the bathroom sink, but the leak was too small to complain about. I've got a few more photos of the place (and me in it), and hope to have the whole Japan/Taejeon affair uploaded later this week. Since it was a love hotel and I was, alas, alone, I snapped a pic of me grabbing my own crotch.

And Mary and Joseph were disappointed, for there were no other crotches at the inn to grab.

When I reviewed the crotch pic on my digicam, it didn't look particularly seductive; it looked more like I'd been kicked in the balls. Well, you'll see soon enough. Lorianne, I don't suppose those Photo Fridays ever include a theme like "Clothed Genitals," do they?

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