Sunday, June 27, 2004

the Borg Collective speaks

Recent comment posted over at the Marmot's site by someone (probably a Korean) with the handle aaaa:

stupid americans

americans in Korea are really stupid

unipeak? fuck you, we're gonna shut/shoot it down

In other words: "We like being stupid and we'll do whatever it takes to remain stupid. We are the Korean Borg. Existence is feudal."

I laugh. So, aaaa, will you try to shut down all the proxy servers? If you do, how will you access your porn in Mommy's house? Will you whack off to pictures like:

Oooooh, yeah, baby, work my cloaca!

Pass it on: aaaa likes interspecies porn!

Fuck whom?


POST SCRIPTUM: Everyone knows the above pic doesn't really come from The first time I saw this pic, years ago, it was with a caption that said, "How Easter eggs are made."

SCROTE SCRIPTUM: I'm not sure, but it appears MuNu blogs are also being blocked. I know some of you naughty folks are either hosting the video or providing links. That's probably why MuNu's been targeted. Assuming it has been targeted-- it could simply be that my current computer is on the fritz.


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