Sunday, June 06, 2004

ululate: he is fallen

Ronald Reagan just passed away. I have mixed feelings about the man, but I do think his policies were instrumental in winning the Cold War. Obviously, the story doesn't end there: we now face nuclear proliferation nightmares from all over, and our Cold War victory is, arguably, a factor contributing to the current situation. The Ukraine's porous borders and lax security in the post-glasnost age come to mind as a case in point.

[NB: But as you might guess, I'm not simplistic enough to pin such problems on Reagan personally; proliferation issues are traceable to the countries in which they occur, and might even have occurred without the USSR's collapse.]

Reagan was an optimist, and I think he was indeed a real leader. He had a firm vision, and he wasn't afraid to remind Americans of who we were supposed to be, at our best and noblest. But Reagan's policies also led to a debt-ridden economy-- something we see again under the current Bush.

No president possesses a monolithic nature, however, so I won't waste time listing paradox after paradox. Instead, let me pay the man respect by linking to some sites on my blogroll that are currently featuring Reagan.

First and foremost, my buddy Mike, who takes Reagan's loss personally because he views the man as a hero and had a chance to meet him. This post also offers a rare glimpse of a very, very young Maximum Leader shaking Reagan's hand. Mike's blow-by-blow account of the seconds leading up to that handshake is both hilarious and poignant.

The Yangban says it in pictures.

So does Jeff.

Stavros would never write a tribute to Reagan, but he does put up an image that might've made Reagan chuckle. It certainly would make fellow Republican Aaaaahnold chuckle.

Winds of Change posts its tribute here.

Tacitus offers a moving tribute of his own.

Metalinkage: KBJ posts links to tributes, and offers a brief RIP.

Amritas offers a quirky tribute.

Bill Whittle keeps it short and simple.

Via Drudge: articles here and here.

To top it all off: wise words from Allah, who seems to be back to posting.


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