Monday, June 28, 2004

Angry Netizen John Doe

Her tongue flicked playfully at his scrotum like a child batting at a piñata...

If you go to OhMyNews and read Todd Thacker's article about the current censorship (is he the Koreabloggers' only friend?), be sure to scroll down and get a load of the reader comments. The first one's a beauty:

John Doe, 2004/06/26 22:46
Fuckin' US must reduce muderer rate first place in the world and rape rate,too.

What you really want to say to the reader is that your country is better than korea and admire your fuckin' country.

that fuckin' US soldier in korea rapes and kill innocent korean citizen and the accused are freed in US mainland after transtported from S. Korea to US mainland because of suckin' SOFA!*

you know about US soldiers devilsh crimes in S.Korea?

You'd better keep your mouth shut fella!

[*SOFA = Status of Forces Agreement, a cause of much resentment in South Korea because of the perceived free ride given to US soldiers when they commit crimes in Korea. Huge, unending debate on this.]

We need to put John Doe in perspective: other Netizens (e.g. Wooj, Sugar Shin) entered the thread and presented much more reasonable viewpoints. People like John Doe are the ones who've gone starkers-- it's no use trying to talk to them. The best revenge is for John Doe's children to grow up loving America. Heh.

Some of John Doe's fellow Koreans were positively ashamed of him:

Moon [2004-06-27 09:27]
John Doe, why don't you just keep quiet and stop embarassing other Koreans?

Just so you're aware: Koreans aren't of one mind about all this, despite the prevalence of the han-ma-eum (one mind) idea in Korean culture. Remember the same is true of the myth of Muslim brotherhood: Muslims are actually pretty fractious, not nearly as monolithic as they consider themselves (or as we stereotype them).


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