Wednesday, June 23, 2004

a quick tour through my new digs

You thought I was lying about how small my hasuk is, didn't you. Take a good look:

my goddamn box

The above is a poorly-made composite pic. Did you find the seam? No?? Idiot.

And lookie here-- this is all the free floor space I have. I've placed my foot in the picture for scale. My foot is largish-- a size 11 by most shoes' reckoning; a size 10.5 when I'm not sexually excited. As you see, it dominates the free floor space with its menacing presence.

my goddamn foot

In the following pic, I'm standing by my computer desk and looking door-ward. You might have noticed that my room is trapezoidal, almost triangular. "Bad feng shui," the hasuk-jip adjumma told me with a smile. "But only mothers worry about that," she added-- possibly a reference to the superstitious nature of many Korean mothers who want their kids to do well in school.

my goddamn wall


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