Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ave, Simon!

In case you've been missing it, check out the fantastic, in-progress "blog novel," Simon of Space, written by the same dude who brought you The Darth Side.

Simon of Space is a story about a man who is "born" full-grown, but who has the knowledge and experience of a child while retaining a somewhat patchy adult sensibility (language, etc.). The protag is, apparently, someone who lost his memory during a hyperspatial teleportation incident-- the kind of accident that isn't supposed to happen. Calling himself Simon, the protag has a series of adventures and learns (or relearns) a lot about human nature and the nature of galactic civilization.

Who is this naive, inquisitive gentleman? Is he a ruthless tycoon who no longer remembers his former existence? Is he a fictional construct, somehow come to life? Do people want him dead? Is he somehow involved in the recent galactic Horror? Is he a pawn in an immense corporate game? And what does Jeremiah, the sinister robot and protector of a little boy, want with Simon?

As I read, I'm reminded at times of Larry Niven, Arthur C. Clarke, and Isaac Asimov. As a blog novel, Simon of Space is first-rate: every post is first draft and needs a bit of polishing, but the author's output and obvious dedication to the story is amazing. The plot moves. Like I said, check it out-- lizards to lies!


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