Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hardyandtiny sez: Typepad no longer blocked!

Stellar work by the dude who brought us all those tittie pics. I've been given permission to reprint the following email exchange between Hardyandtiny (hereinafter "HT") and Kim Jeong-hun of Kornet.

First, HT writes in:

From: HT
Sent: Friday, August 26, 2005 6:27 PM
Subject: typepad sites are blocked


I cannot open any sites hosted by on my computer. (KT Megapass)

Attached is what the person from KT customer service told me to send to you.

Thank you

Kim replies:

From: Jeonghun, Kim
Date: Aug 26, 2005 6:57 PM
Subject: Re: typepad sites are blocked
To: HT

Dear Customer.

The site which you mentioned is not allowed to access for the terrorism issue of beheading last year,
by ICEC, Information Communication Ethics Committee in Korea.
Some of users had uploaded it to their blogs hosted by then
If you have any concern or questions, please contact ICEC :
Tel. 02-3415-0161~5

I apologize for any inconvenience may cause you.
Thank you.

Jeonghun, Kim
Kornet NOC, KT
Tel. 02-3674-5751
Email. /

HT writes in a second time:

From: HT
To: Jeonghun, Kim
Sent: Friday, August 26, 2005 7:27 PM
Subject: Re: typepad sites are blocked


Thank you, but then why are the websites available via Thrunet and Hanaro. Why is only KT blocking these sites?


Kim's response:

From: Jeonghun, Kim
Date: Aug 26, 2005 8:39 PM
Subject: Re: typepad sites are blocked
To: HT


All the ISP in Korea had been asked of the block by ICEC last year.
It would be illegal for Hanaro and thrunet, which are same ISP
to remove the blocking without indication of ICEC.
I will email ICEC to release the blocked if there is no harm any more.

Thank you for your information.

Best Regards.

Jeonghun, Kim
Kornet NOC, KT

[NB: Mr. Kim really did address HT as just "Dear." I didn't remove HT's name in the salutation.]

CONCLUSION: Oranckay was right. We won't really know what was going on. Mr. Kim seems to confirm my paranoid suspicion that this summer's blockage was ordered by the government... but the reason he offers for the blockage is a year old, and betrays a lack of awareness of how other ISPs have been handling blogs. The funny thing is that the blockage seemed to end soon after HT's email campaign: HT sent me the above exchange and then wrote this morning:


I can't believe this. The ban has been lifted.


Creeping police state or simple confusion? Grist for loopy speculation if nothing else.



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hardyandtiny said...

It's still hard to believe. Is that all we had to do? I called my local KT office at Yongsan base three times before I finally went down to his office. The guy at the office gave me a phone number, then the person at that number gave me another number, then the person at the new number instructed me to do a trace and told me to send a copy of the trace to Mr Kim. Next thing ya know, no more ban.
Can it be true?
I'll have to write another e-mail to Mr Kim and ask him what actually happened.