Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Shakespeare in the hands of my drama class

You haven't lived until you've heard fair Juliet screech in a Korean accent, "O Romeo, Romeo, where fart thou, Romeo?"

The students I'm left with are truly worthy of the appellation trouper (not "trooper" as so many misspell it-- as in "She's a real trouper"-- an intrepid member of a hard-working troupe). They're starting to dig into their scripts, come up with ideas on their own, and make the action take shape. I still have no clue how this play is going to look in its final form-- probably a mark of how poor a director I am. It's been a learning experience for me as well, trying to deal with a group of girls who seem to think attendance is optional. I'm amazed, however, by the sense of responsibility among the students who are left, and perhaps next week I'll show them some appreciation. Likely in snack form. We'll see.

Maybe this won't be a disaster after all.


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