Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday dress rehearsal

Today, our drama class rehearsed in Jemma Hall, an auditorium on the B-1 level of our complex. I'd cajoled and threatened and ranted at my students for two days, Tuesday and Wednesday: "Dress rehearsal Thursday! We're doing it in the actual auditorium! Bring all props, all costumes-- everything! And all lines memorized!"

And you know... the students came through.

Rehearsal wasn't perfect by any means, but our production actually looked like a play for the first time. Somehow, we managed to accommodate the schedules of all the itinerants, including the girl who claimed she had to leave 20 minutes into rehearsal because of her part-time job.

In reality, today wasn't the real dress rehearsal: the real rehearsal's next Wednesday. We still have a few logistical difficulties to sort out: coordinating our goofy PowerPoint slide show with the action, and perhaps adding some canned music to aid transitions from scene to scene. I'm hoping that those are only minor difficulties, but I could be very, very wrong. We'll soon know, won't we!?

Lots to do, lots to do.

My weekend will consist of (1) hunting down a family-size picnic cooler for my advanced-level students (our intensive classes are hosting a bazaar on the 25th, you see), (2) crafting the much-awaited PowerPoint slide presentation, (3) figuring out what sort of music-- if any-- can/will be played during the drama production, (4) finishing a massive proofreading job I should never have said "yes" to, (5) crafting review sheets and final exams for my intensive students for the coming week, and, lest I forget, (6) getting a damn haircut.

I normally sleep in a bit on Friday mornings before heading to campus for my one-on-ones, but I'm having a make-up class tomorrow morning at 7:40AM, I so think I'll end things here. I was in the office until 10:15PM, so as you can imagine, I'm a bit tired.


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