Thursday, August 18, 2005

Chewey Defeats Truman!!

The Nugget Maven was kind enough to provide me with this link. If you enjoyed The Darth Side, you'll probably enjoy Chewbacca's blog.

(NB: Huuuuuurrnnnnnnnnnnn is not by the same dude who wrote The Darth Side. Not by a long shot. In fact, it looks like it really was authored by a Wookiee.*)

*My spelling of "Wookiee" (as opposed to "Wookie") defers to the spelling found in the vintage 1976 Star Wars, the novelization of the 1977 blockbuster by George Lucas. Although Lucas is currently listed as the author of the novel (he's definitely the movie's screenwriter), the rumor has long been that sci-fi veteran Alan Dean Foster ghost-wrote the book. I tend to agree: the novel's prose feels too much like Foster's Splinter of the Mind's Eye, and having read Lucas in his own words for months now over at, I assure you there's no way in fucking hell he could have written Star Wars the novel. Star Wars is a Foster child.

Speaking of shitty writers, it's always fun to pick on James Kahn, the idiot who wrote Return of the Jedi, the novel. Kahn is so lame that he gets kicked around by us geeks for his bad prose. Go to Amazon and flip through the book for yourself. Then, while you're clutching your scroties in horror, ask yourself why Kahn rendered Artoo Detoo's dialogue so literally. Chewbacca's fine blog can be interpreted as one long, spiteful parody of Kahn's writing.



Jason said...

I dunno man, after you mentioned Supershadow the first time I went over and checked it out and got the distinct impression that the guy is full of shit ("I'll pass it onto Lucas..." my ass!). Perhaps he did have the inside scoop on some stuff but I think his "friendship" with the guy should be taken with a grain of salt... a big grain.

Kevin Kim said...


You could be right. There's a large school of thought that contends the entire site is bullshit. Some go so far as to imply that Supershadow is Lucas.

Me, I'm pretty sure that Lucas and Shadow are different people. Shadow makes far fewer typos, and has a stock set of phrases. While he and Lucas both make some silly, basic errors in English, Lucas, in his replies to fans, makes far more of them. Lucas's replies also strike me as stylistically consistent with the drivel he calls a screenplay. The man can't write.

Also, the Supershadow site scooped everybody when it came to posting the entire screenplay for "Revenge of the Sith," and many claims made on the site have been substantiated months later by entertainment news sources. This gives the site credibility, even if Shadow comes off (deliberately?) as a raving egomaniac.

Shadow's egomania is nothing compared to Lucas's assholery, though. Lucas (assuming it IS Lucas) has written some horrible things about the directors Irvin Kershner (director of "Empire Strikes Back" and called "Kersh" on and Richard Marquand (director of "Return of the Jedi" and long deceased). To talk trash from the vantage of such a popular website is to invite lawsuits... unless you're George Lucas and able to hide behind a phalanx of ILM/Lucasfilm lawyers. I can't imagine that an impostor could get away with the bleeding-butthole statements Lucas has made on Supershadow regarding former co-workers.

So maybe Shadow's faking... but the Star Wars-related claims have been too accurate for me to dismiss him as a fraud.


Anonymous said...