Sunday, August 07, 2005

expanding the experiment

Comments will be open, starting now and lasting through next Sunday. If I like what I see, this'll continue. If not, we'll be back to the old, barbaric ways of baby-eating and sister-humping. Comments will be on-topic, civil, and constructive in nature. If you discover you're unable to phrase a disagreement with me or someone else in a manner recognizable to a civilized human being, I reserve the right to cut off your nipples with a potato peeler and bring this comment-thread experiment to a premature end.

OK... you've got a week.



Jelly said...

If you really want civilised comments, you shouldn't go cutting peoples' cats in half with your light sabre, you bastard! %@$#@$^!!

I look forwaed to seeing the result of this comments experiment, and how many shaved nipples you'll have by the end of the week.

Kevin Kim said...

I may have to go back to a no-comments blog, anyway, because the comments are causing publishing problems. Blogger's never been the most stable software, and this old, rickety template doesn't like change. We'll see.



Lorianne said...

Egads, the PRESSURE one feels to comment properly...or else!!! ;-)

Kevin Kim said...

Just for you, I'll smear some anesthetic on the potato peeler.



impletqueen said...

Transdermal lidocaine takes about thirty minutes to work, so maybe you just smear him with anestha-gel first, then fart, have a sandwich, take a dump, then start peeling?

just a suggestion.

Maven said...

Ambesol works for numbing the nips... uh... "so I've heard!!!"

I'm with HRH Julie, however, I think the dump should be punctuated throughout with the peeling... Pinch off a bit, peel, pinch, peel, pinch, peel... REPEAT AS NECESSARY.

Loved the bifurcation of the turgid feline, btw:)

Anonymous said...


Jason said...

I once knew a guy who during high school sex ed class raised his hand and ask " If you're doin' it with your girlfriend with a condom that has nonoxynol 9 on it and then you start eating her pussy and then you lose feeling in your that normal?"

Mind you, this is the same guy who brought an entire box of condoms on a boy scout camping trip... just in case he ran into any horny women in the woods.

The point? I suppose there is none, outside of the potential dangers of using nonoxynol 9 in the back country.