Tuesday, August 16, 2005

block lifted?

As of 7PM, I can access my blog directly from the office. Does this mean the block's been lifted? It would seem to fit the theory that blockage was all about Independence Day and the North Korean delegation. If so, then...


Thank you for your time.

We now return you to your normal broadcast, already in progress.

...horrible ripping sound, his anus gave birth to the largest toilet log I'd ever seen. It burst out of his asshole like a runaway train, like a one-ton exclamation point, an overfed caterpillar straight from the mind of Satan. Before I had time to think about moving aside, before I had time even to draw breath and utter a final, desperate war cry, the foul, roiling brownness was upon me. As I was buried beneath that stinking mass and my consciousness began to flicker and dim, I had time for only one thought:

"This, O gods, is power incarnate."

(A dramatic reading by Sean Connery from Diary of an Arcturian Slave Mollusc of Female Persuasion)

FUCKDATE: Block not lifted. Typepad blogs still not accessible.



Maven said...

Congrats on the lift!

See, I think that text re: the largest toilet log would have had added punch if you actually turdblogged, and superimposed the text on your waste.

I'm wondering who it will be to turdblog first.... you or me...

Anonymous said...

Love your message to the North Korean delegation.

Maven said...

Lift or no lift, I still stand by my turdblogging suggestion!