Sunday, August 14, 2005

postal scrotum: fart story

T. Spettel writes:


Liked your post on the 6th. it made me remember when i was in this seedy bar in Naples, Italy with a bunch of squadron mates (i was in naval aviation at the time). we were the only four in the bar at the time. we just wanted to have a couple of beers... then came what we used to call the wine girls, oohhh man...

these girls are employed by the bar and are there to get you to buy them as many bottles of very expensive cheapy wine as they can then they make tracks for the door. well, we didn't want these bitches around and they thought they could play us for a bunch of suckers, buuuuuttt we had a counter trick up our sleeve-- or better yet up our jeans: one of the guys said he had a fart brewing. I looked at him and said, "sweet, light it in front of these bitches," so he slouched in the chair and lit that sucker.

ooooohhhh man that fart not only had an eight inch blue flame, but it had fantastic tone, quality and duration, and to boot it reverberated of the marble floor and walls, too!! while laughing our asses off we heard the click of high heels on marble flooring and all the girls said, "eeeewwwww!!!!!!"

hope you can get a laugh out of it, Kevin

T. Spettel
Denver col


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