Sunday, August 14, 2005

final day for comments

Get your licks in now. My comments experiment may or may not be coming to a close at midnight, Seoul time. (I haven't decided yet whether I want to continue with comments. This is your chance to make a case for or against them. Or to talk about whatever you want.)

Click the time stamp for this post, find the "Post a Comment" link, hit that, and spill your guts.



Anonymous said...

Ok, I\'ll be the first but hopefully not the last.

Don\'t you think your comments experiment has been going rather well? I\'m curious as to why you\'re even contemplating shutting her back down.

Wallow in the praise and adoration!

gordsellar said...

I dunno, I am sort of generally in favour of comments on plus absolutely no scruples regarding deletions. If someone's being a dick, delete and ban. But I find comments interesting and worthwhile!

Is there any special reason you would want to close them down?

R said...

Yes, Keep the comments. Comments are good.

Don't make the monkeys angry.

Anonymous said...

YEAH BABY! Comments shine the world.

Rhyme the world.

Worguld burguld.

Burguld? Oh?