Wednesday, August 31, 2005

hooray! new blogs!

Some new blogs join the Hominidal pantheon on the sidebar:

1. Liminality (finally): excellent, extremely well-written Koreablog. With Charles now on the roll, I'm wondering whether I shouldn't make another Koreablogger subdivision: Expats Who Speak Korean Far Better Than I. That list would include Robert the Marmot, Brian the Vulture, Joel in K/Gunsan, Jeff in Pusan, Charlie the KimcheeGI, Scott the Party Pooper, Captain Kirk, Peter the Oranckay, Charles the Liminal, Kathreb (I think, but she never shows off!), and possibly Gord and Rory, both of whom seem to get around quite well in Korean.

Wooj is, of course, a perfect Korean speaker, and he's technically an expat because he currently makes his home in America while being a Korean national, so I suppose I could slap him on the list as well, as a sort of Affirmative Action gesture, but he might not be happy with his "Token Asian Among Da White Folks" status. Wooj? What say you?

2. The Sanchon Hunjang: is this person Korean? American? Komerican? Male? Female? I haven't read thoroughly enough, but I know the blog is very interesting, insightful, and humorous. Kind of an "impulse buy," as I found the blog while following a link from Joel's site only today, but my instinct tells me it's a good investment.

And last but never least, I'm happy to welcome:

3. Just Another Human: the blog of a Kiwi wonjang-nim who's been my friend since the mid-1990s. John W. talks about politics, family life, and what it takes to run a hagwon in the land of flightless sheepfuckers. He promises to get me back for that hazing I gave him. Be afraid.

Images for the above blogs are pending. I have to find something especially cruel for John.

UPDATE: Joel writes in with a good point:

Charlie is Asian, right? Wouldn't Wooj just be the token non-American?

Damn, you got me on that one. Charlie the KimcheeGI is indeed ethnically Korean, though somehow he gives me the "white" vibe! In that case, since it's less a question of race and more a question of nationality, I doubt Wooj would care one way or another whether he's the token non-American. If anything, it might be a badge of honor for him! I can hear him now, speaking in a faux-French accent like the one John Cleese adopts in "Monty Python's The Holy Grail":

"Ha ha! I speet on you peeee-yoony A-merry-cans with your pisse de chat beer and your love of bad pornography! Korea ist eins! EINS!!"

By the way, Kathreb has a very good letter of appeal to the Australian government up on her blog re: human rights in North Korea. Give it a read.


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