Sunday, August 28, 2005

in appreciation

Tangible gifts gratefully received from my intensive-course students and others:

1. a heavy gift bag full of goguma, or Korean sweet potatoes

2. a gift box containing the following: an obviously expensive, button-down, short-sleeve shirt; three tee shirts; a designer key chain; and a cute little cell phone ornament*

3. a large yellow poster on which everyone gave me a good-bye message

4. an impressive bouquet of roses and lilies (currently sitting in a 1.5-liter plastic bottle of water), given to me at the end of the Shakespeare performance

Gonna miss those students. Most of them, anyway.

*Grammar note: When writing out a series, one usually separates the elements of the series with a comma. Semicolons are permissible if one or more elements of the series contain commas for other reason (e.g., as separators for multiple adjectives).

Example: Under the Christmas tree he found a large, hairy, toy dog; a stuffed cat; an old, green sweater; and the Xbox for which he'd been pining.

One reference to confirm the above: here.


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