Thursday, August 04, 2005

postal scrotum: is it a pit bull?

Lorianne writes in re: the dog of madness:

Hey there...

Only because I'm anal retentive about these kind of things, I feel compelled to argue that the quill-riddled dog is a Bull Terrier, not a pit bull. Spuds MacKenzie & the "Target" mascot are Bull Terriers, as is blogger Cheeky Prof's dog:


Bull Terriers have a longer snout & pointier ears than pit bulls. BTs aren't bred for dog fighting, but they *are* bred to be tenacious...hence the hapless fate of the poor dog who wouldn't say "no" to Mr. Porcupine.

As sorry as that dog looks in the pix, he's relatively lucky to be in human care. With some anaesthesia, a pair of plyers, and a *lot* of patience, those quills can be removed & the wounds cleaned. Just last week, in fact, my colleague Pavel was talking about having to remove quills from his dog's *tongue* after her first (and last) encounter with a porcupine.

So far (fingers crossed) Reg has never tangled with a porcupine...but this morning he *did* have his first face-to-face encounter with a snapping turtle, from which he escaped unscathed.


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