Friday, August 05, 2005

the COMMENTS experiment

This post is an open thread, specifically to see who's interested in leaving comments. Longtime readers of this blog know I'm not in favor of comments, despite the good arguments about community-building, etc. I'm doing this mainly out of curiosity, and don't promise to implement comments in the long term. If the the open thread allows Hairy Chasms readers to talk to each other, then maybe-- just maybe-- I'll allow comments on more posts. But if a single asshole decides to s(p)oil things for everyone else, then comments go poof, and said asshole can slurp my cheesy balls.

UPDATE: Given my retrofitted, old-style template, it's not obvious how to append a comment to this post, so here's the procedure: click the time stamp, scroll to the bottom of the post, and click on the "Post a Comment" link. As Uma says, "Warmer... warmer... disco."



Kevin Kim said...

First, muthafuckaz!


John McCrarey said...

Wow. I wish I had something to say, but that lack of a meaningful thought won't stop me from leaving a comment. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity because the world is full of assholes and it is just a matter of time before one of them mucks things up and Kevin pulls the plug on comments.

Seriously though, this blog is a daily read for me. I often find much wisdom here amongst the chaff (or should I say scat?) and clearly Kevin has a unique voice that is consistently interesting. I appreciate the effort that goes into this blog.

Er, I guess I'm just wanting to say thanks.

Anonymous said...

I hit this blog just about every other day (for over a year now)'s post about the wisdom tooth is typical of the good humor and wit that I find. I once nearly spewed the water I was drinking through my nose while I was reading.

Someday you'll owe me a keyboard!

Hope everything stays pain free until September...Lordy that a long time from now!

Lorianne said...

omg, COMMENTS on the Big Ho???? It's like Christmas in July, or August, or whatevah. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeahhhhhhhh baby!


Oh noooooooo (?)

impletqueen said...

oohhhhhh.. commments.

i think the ribbed ones are nice, although minty-flavored ones work well, too.

Jelly said...

Comments!!! Whoo hooo!
Kevin - before I had some stuff done to my mouth in Japan last year, I last visited the dentist just a couple months before you did back in '92.
You SHOULD floss!! My bro's dentist commented his teeth were in better shape than when he left his last visit because he started flossing a couple times a day! I even turned my co-workers on to it here. Why don't Koreans floss? They floss after every meal now!

Thus ends the floss PSA.
I hope you avoid the pain, and I like the comments!

Daehee said...

I like it. Now I can see what your other readers are thinking.

Sperwer said...

Whooah, let the blood sport begin

Anonymous said...

I'd leave some comment spam here about enlarging body parts, but given the stuff you usually write about, not sure anyone would notice!


That's my new bumper honor of Big Hominid.


Anonymous said...

Nice, Kevin. There's been a lot of times I wanted to comment on one of your posts but being the lazy type I am, it was just too much trouble to open up another browser window, click on favorites, then gmail, and go through all the trouble of writing an email. By that time, I'd probably forget what I had to say in the first place. Having said that, I vote for comments on all future posts. If the rabble gets out of hand, you can always close them again. Or, you can use haloscan to handle your comments - I think they have a function to approve comments before they're posted, and they have a trackback system as well.

Sperwer said...

Follow on to your link to the Cosmic Buddha's stint at the wheel of the prcelian bus. I think he was suffering from heatstroke. I got felled by it once in Miyazaki in Kyushu on a hot and muggy day, notwithstanding having drunk about a gallon of water and electrolyte replacements while navigating 18 holes. In the middle of post-round lunch, I suddenly felt light-headed, tried to get up to get back to my room, failed and felt poorly enough to call for assistance. The hotel restaurant staff brought a wheelchair built for a four foot tall Japanese grandma; I'm 6"3", so my elbows were dragging on the ground and my knees were above by ears. They got me about halfway through the restaurant when I got the urge to drive the porcelain bus and proceeded to redecorate the restaurant. Back in the room, I puked about a half dozen more times - basically until I was a dry hole - before passing out - . Awoke hours later, like Justin, totally restored - but having scared my wife and daughter silly.

Anonymous said...

Wassup, biiiiotches?

I think we can all agree that Kevin needs to start telling the truth about his sordid affairs and unfulfilled suicide pacts with underage students and spend less time waxing nostalgic about the time he dropped acid with his Golden Retriever, right?


KimcheeGI said...

Kevin Kim the Comment Kingpin??? After such long deliberations about not hosting/grooming a comment culture, he breaks down. What's next?

hardyandtiny said...

If you keep go mountain one day you look like a Robert Downey, I think you can hollywood because smart and then make a lot of big money. When Joel was mountain did he look pretty?
Can I touch your arm? Puhaha ***:-)

Anonymous said...


Please tell me you weren't sober when you wrote that comment.


Kevin, don't delete that one, I want to read it the next time I'm drunk.


hardyandtiny said...

Nomad why you say like that!? It is problem BOWEOUL! You became headache from too much fish and now some say you have parashite BOWEOUL! I have some powder and six days later you will see ojingo to your toilet!
puhaha**&^^ :)

Anonymous said...

I think I speak for us all when I say: Whaaaaaaaaaaa?

Can I have one of those vowels? I think you bought too many.

> When Joel was mountain did he look pretty?
If you break me off some of what you had, most definitely,

> you will see ojingo to your toilet
Fuck yeah!

Peace, bro, these contribuitions alone should be reason enough for Kevin to keep comments open.

Kevin Kim said...

I think this blog's going to gain a reputation for attracting the crazies, as well as the possibly-autistic.




hardyandtiny said...

Best one is Reggie swimming in the river. If he came to Namsan he would like the faucet fountain!
November is the Grand Open! All Japanese heroin addict come back with tight pants and feather ear bracelet.