Monday, August 01, 2005

early praise (?) for "Wounder"

Not even twenty-four hours and the letters about "Wounder" are arriving. OhMyEgo.

Hahna writes in:

encore encore

must hear more

silly man... all the silly touches... wait. you dont have time to be writing all this drivel! get back to work!

Nothing sexier than the crack of the whip.

T'am Gu Ja also writes in:

In regard to Wounder. Should he happen to turn up, let me know. I know of a few neo-muslims that I would prefer to send screaming into the next life at the hand of an 'unclean' dog or pig. I don't suppose you could train a pig next? They are quite a bit brighter than dogs and may be more of a force of destruction once they get up to their maximum weight.

I'm contemplating a knock-down, drag-out, dog-versus-octopus sequel, but we could throw a pig in there, too. Hell, even George Lucas had three-way saber fights (in all three prequels, no less-- way to beat an idea to death, George!).


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