Thursday, July 04, 2013

Ave, Charles!

Charles at Liminality writes about his latest culinary exploit: apricot crumble.*

Go visit the man's site. He's in his forties, now, which means he's bitter, decrepit, and incontinent, so he needs all the support you can give him.

*Corrected from "peach cobbler" which, for some reason, I had on the brain.



Charles said...

It's OK... projecting one's own failings on others is a common sign of age-induced crotchetiness. I'll let it slide because I respect my elders.

Kevin Kim said...

I am rubber; you are glue...

Charles said...

That's the best that you can do?

Kevin Kim said...

Well, Charles, you pass the New Yawk smell test: true New Yorkers express friendship through insults. I've learned much about ball-busting from my NYC friends at Georgetown.

I am rubber; you are glue
whatchoo say is just doo-doo

Actually, here's one I remember from elementary school:

you cut me down, I must confess
so in your mouth my dick must rest
one good lie deserves another:
between your legs hangs your mother

Charles said...

Ha! Never heard that second quatrain. Nice.