Sunday, July 14, 2013

T minus 25

First: C'est le Quatorze juillet! Bonne fête à la France et aux Français!

Next: I'm off in a few hours to drop Sean's dog, Maqz the chihuahua, at my brother David's place. Both of my brothers live in Alexandria, so this won't be a long drive. Sean tells me that Maqz won't poop or pee in the car. We'll see. I plan to allow Maqz a few minutes to do any business on the grass near Sean's apartment, just to be safe. This is a pick-your-shit-up neighborhood, though, so I'll also have to be armed with paper towels and a Ziploc bag for Maqz's warm, steaming little Lincoln Logs.

Then: After dropping the dog off, and perhaps hanging a bit to watch Maqz interact with the lovable Penny, I'm off to tutor from 2PM to 4PM—my second-to-last session with my adorable kids. Two weeks from now, we'll be having that jjong-party. Haven't settled on a menu yet.

Finally: I'll drive home from tutoring, swing by a Staples or Office Depot to buy some printer labels, and will spend a few hours just packing stuff into boxes and labeling everything. It's gonna be sad to see it all boxed, but the moving process has to begin sometime.


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