Tuesday, July 30, 2013

more YB pics

Meet Lohan (not his real name):

Lohan's a relatively new student; I met him only a few weeks ago. He seems smart and apt, and has a very good sense of humor—an important quality for getting through life sane.

Up next is Killian (again, a pseudonym):

Killian is also a new recruit to YB; I've taught him perhaps twice. (Students often make the rounds, getting handed from teacher to teacher.) Unlike Lohan, Killian is of a more serious bent, although he at least has the virtue of appreciating my jokes. We've got one new student, whom I shall not name and whose picture I shall not display here, who has absolutely no sense of humor. In fact, I've started to wonder whether the kid is autistic. His demeanor is deadpan and, well, starey. He laughs at nothing, and barely ever cracks a smile. There's something of the mass-murderer about him—a creepy, focused vibe that would be unnerving were I not so persistently jokey.

Next are the two office ladies, the lovely J and K (respectively, L to R):

J is taking (economics?) courses at George Mason University; K has been taking over center-director duties from our previous center director, D. K's calm, low-key style reminds me a bit of the style of my first center director, H, who was gone before I had taught for even a year at YB. J is likely to take over Korean-teaching duties for me once I leave; I'm going to need to give her a template on which to base lessons.

Finally, here are the outside and inside of the goodbye card that Naughty made for me on his final day with me. The outside first:

Ever the imp, Naughty noted that the Korean he had written on the front of the card (basically, it says "Good luck, Mr. Kevin!") was from a translation program (probably Google Translate).

And here's the inside of the card:

He's a thoughtful kid, and as I noted before, he's already given me plenty of gifts. I'll miss him.

So there we have it: a few more YB-related photos for your perusal. Sometime tomorrow, I'll put up the pics of this past Sunday's marvelous jjong-party with Sam and Amy.


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