Monday, July 01, 2013

July 4th menu

I've got guests coming over for the Fourth, and I've asked them to bring elements of our celebratory meal. For myself, I'll be handling the main course, which will mainly be meat, meat, and more meat. David's wife is Brazilian, so she was raised a carnivore, which means she'll be expecting a pile of dead animals. On the menu this coming Thursday, then:

• hamburgers
• hot dogs (possible chili option)
• rack of ribs from Costco (haven't decided what kind... suggestions welcome)
• L.A. (i.e., thick-cut) galbi

I plan to buy three packs of galbi from the Korean store; two packs will be marinated and served as my traditional and much-beloved Korean short ribs, but the remaining pack is going to be sacrificed to the food processor to make galbi burgers, which are some of the most delicious burgers known to man or beast.

It is only meet that we mete out the meat on Thursday.



ZenKimchi said...

Pork ribs. Look o. Serious Eats and see if Kenji has any hacks for good pork ribs.

Dustyr55 said...

I would do St. Louis style. More meat than baby backs, but not as much work as regular style ribs. No matter what you decide, all ribs are tasty!