Thursday, July 25, 2013

the rewards of teaching

Some of my students at YB can be very thoughtful. This morning, a student gave me a "goodbye" care package consisting of (1) a "Skyfall" DVD, (2) a "Life of Pi" DVD, (3) a goodbye card with a very kind handwritten message, and (4) a huge sampler bag of Lindor chocolate truffles—my favorite. My student wrote:

Good luck! Have a great time in Korea. I hope you come back and visit or I'll drop by whenever I'm in Korea. I had a great time over the last year with you, and I wouldn't have learned as much if you weren't here.

(The best part of [YB] is when we had a random side conversation.)

This same student ("Naughty" from this post) has given me gifts before: a pencil sharpener from Bermuda, a divided tray for storing pencils, paper clips, file cards, and other kickknacks, and a stylized wooden shark from the Bahamas.

And how cool is that?


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