Thursday, July 25, 2013

electricity no more

I stopped by my town's admin office today to ask about my electric bill and my property tax. In true bureaucratic style, the office told me it didn't handle property tax. That was another office: the County Government Center, right next to the post office. All that remained, then, was the question of my electric bill, which the admin office could handle.

The situation: I'm moving out on August 12, and there's no reason for me to be billed beyond that date. I told the admin lady this; she asked me for ID, and I handed her my driver's license. I also apologized for the fact that my move-out date was right in the middle of the billing cycle. She said not to worry about it. She asked me for my forwarding address; I gave her my brother David's address in Alexandria, which I suppose means he'll be receiving the final electric bill. Eventually, she printed out two sheets; I had to sign the one labeled "MOVE OUT." The other sheet, the one labeled "MOVE IN," was stapled to the first and filed away, presumably for the next occupant of my apartment.

And that was it. I've now taken care of my electric bill situation. Service will stop after August 12. I'll have to tell David that my town will be sending him my bill; in anticipation of that day, I'll give him a signed check to send back to Appalachia with the appropriate amount.


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