Saturday, July 06, 2013

everything but the fireworks

Here are some pics from yesterday's July 4th celebration. We (i.e., David, his wife Patricia, my buddy Steve, and I) started off by eating dinner (about 90 minutes later than I'd planned, But Oh Well) at my place. We packed up drinks and dessert, then headed out to Skyline Drive, where we initially stopped at an overlook somewhere between Mile 2 and Mile 3. We had the overlook to ourselves for a bit, but another car drove up and parked. Two South Asian guys were in that car; they had also come to see the fireworks. Some residents of the Shenandoah Valley, which was spread out below us, began popping off their poppers before the sun had even set, but by the time the sky was dark, the fireworks had started in earnest. We drove to Mile 17 and found an empty overlook there—a breezier, cooler one, with a higher vantage from which to see the entire valley. I don't have any pictures of the fireworks, alas, but I've got pictures of dessert being distributed, of Patricia finger-combing her hair, and of Dr. Steve pretending to be a hayseed.

Enjoy. Hover your cursor over each image to see its caption. Click on each image to see it at full size. (The images are all huge; to truly see them full size, right-click and select "view image," then use the magnifying-glass icon to enlarge fully. This may not work for all images.)


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