Wednesday, July 24, 2013

mOr kidZ

As promised, some more pics of kids I'll be losing soon. First up is AJ, who's been a solid Summer Intensive student. His SAT scores have improved significantly during his time in our program, much to his parents' delight.

Next, we've got EK, below:

EK is a lastborn—cheerful and sociable, per the stereotype given in birth-order psychology. She's also quite smart and has, along with AJ, shown very good improvement in her SAT performance.

Below is my first try at getting a pic of YJ, who felt unready when I got my phone camera out:

She eventually uncoiled herself, though, and presented her best face to the world:

YJ's a proud resident of Maine, and she'll be leaving our humble center in a few days to return to New England. She is, however, in love with Washington, DC, and wants to go to Georgetown—a desire that I wholeheartedly encourage. The world needs more Hoyas. Like AJ and EK, YJ is smart and motivated. I think she'll have no trouble getting into GU and, once there, she'll make far better use of her time in college than I did of my time (I didn't really wake up until grad school, eight years after graduating from undergrad). YJ wants to enroll in GU SFS (School of Foreign Service); I've tried to put her in contact with some SFS and Ling-Lang (Faculty of Languages and Linguistics) friends of mine. One friend has risen to the occasion; another friend is on a road trip with his family; the third friend works for the State Department and is currently in Germany, where she's hard to reach.

I wish the best of luck to all these fine students.

A special note: YJ, once she learned I had a blog, was determined to find it. She found my LinkedIn profile first, then used that info to track down this blog. God help us all. Then again, I thought, she's old enough not to be bowled over by all the shit, fuck, piss, diddle (as my Kiwi buddy John Williamson might say) content. So what the hell. And since I'm leaving YB in a couple weeks, anyway, it's not a big deal for a student to find my blog. My hope is that she'll just get bored of trying to read all these thousands of entries (almost 8000, at last count).

So them's mah kidz. May they all succeed in life—whatever success may mean for them.

(Even more student pics to follow.)


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