Sunday, July 28, 2013

big day!

Today is jjong-party day for my two private kids. It promises to be fun... or at least I hope it'll be fun. I have only four items on our party agenda:

1. lunch

2. a drive along Skyline Drive

3. a movie, and

4. dinner

I've tortured my kids with vivid, glistening cell-phone pics of my cooking for twenty-five weeks—almost half a year, so I felt it was my duty to finally introduce them to some real cuisine. They had a sample of my cooking recently, when I gifted their family with about four pounds of Western- and Korean-style ribs. I got rave reviews.

So today, we expand on the sampler and do a full lunch and a full dinner.


Pulled-pork quesdillas with oi-kimchi side.


Salmon steak (with honey-mustard glaze), fettuccine "Bleufredo" with chicken, shrimp, portobello, and bacon; insalata mista with homemade raspberry vinaigrette.


Chocolate mousse (courtesy of Dr. Oetker, alas), and moist French-vanilla cake with homemade cream, raspberry sauce, and fresh blackberries.

I'm aiming to show the kids the movie "Chronicle," which I'm gambling they haven't seen. If they have seen it, I'll show them my modest collection of iTune movies and DVDs, and we'll go from there. If nothing from my stash floats their boat, I'll either order another iTunes movie or we'll go out and see something (preferably not "Pacific Rim").

So that's the plan. Gonna be pooped by the end of the day, but it'll be worth it.



Charles said...

I don't know if you were a fan of RED, but we saw RED 2 recently and enjoyed it. It's good for some action and laughs.

Kevin Kim said...

I am a fan of "RED," actually; I've got it on iTunes. Here in the States, reviews for "RED 2" have been decidedly mixed, although I have to say that Catherine Zeta-Jones, now in her 50s, looks quite yummy. I've had a crush on her since "Zorro."

Charles said...

She does indeed look yummy.

RED 2 won't change your life, I can guarantee you that. But there are some genuinely funny parts, the action is good in a "we're not taking ourselves too seriously" way, and everyone turns in solid performances. It's a nice night out at the movies, and both HJ and I enjoyed it.

(Incidentally, it was a choice between that and Pacific Rim; I said I could go either way, and HJ cast a solid vote for RED 2, so we saw that. I don't regret the choice.)

John from Daejeon said...

Catherine Zeta Jones is 43 for a little while longer, so I guess she's actually aging poorly if you think she's already over 50. Maybe you had her confused with Mary-Louise Parker. She is pretty close to 50 though. She'll be 49 on Aug. 2nd.

While I liked RED, I thought RED 2 was cobbled together a bit too quickly (and with too many stars) to take advantage of the original's decent box office. It also took a very long time to get going on its rather rickety, and uneven, track. I can only imagine how many stars Ebert would have given this film as he only gave RED two stars. On the other hand, I expected to really, really hate "The Wolverine" as I am a huge fan of the original comic book version, but I found myself actually somewhat entertained by it. Sadly, the best part of that movie came after the credits were rolling and 95% of the South Korean audience had walked out. Judging from that short tease of "X-Men: Days of Future Past," it looks like the X-Men series might actually have been saved much to the chagrin of Disney as FOX still has claim on this Disney-owned, Marvel franchise.

Kevin Kim said...


I stand corrected. I see she's actually about a month younger than I am, so if she's old, I'm old.

Kevin Kim said...


By the way, my source for Catherine Zeta-Jones's age is Steve Persall, here. Persall writes:

"At 53, Catherine Zeta-Jones is nearly too young for this stuff."

Guess that'll teach me to trust journalists.

John from Daejeon said...

Journalists make a lot of mistakes, and many times just flat out lie to further their own agendas.

Just look at how they imprinted Trayvon Martin on the apathetic public as an innocent choirboy and George Zimmerman as evil incarnate. Hell, the press is, even now, busy reporting that Zimmerman was just stopped for speeding in Texas with a gun in his glove compartment. Really? What kind of "breaking news" is that, especially as the officer let him go with a warning as the only law he was breaking was speeding.