Monday, July 29, 2013

calling it a night

What a day! I had a lot of fun with my two private students, Amy and Sam, and I'll be blogging about them soon, along with displaying more pics from YB, but for now, I'm way too tired to do any serious blogging. Suffice it to say that Sunday went beautifully—perhaps the first time I had ever properly choreographed all my food and event prep such that there were no serious delays or major schedule changes. We went from activity to activity like clockwork, and the kids enjoyed my food even more than I had hoped they would.

This coming work week is going to be depressingly sparse: my schedule includes two six-hour days and two four-hour days, with not a single eight-hour day in sight. I'm gonna be hurtin' by the time I leave the country, and it'll be a month or so after I'm installed at Catholic U. Daegu that I'll be back on my feet again, financially speaking. The absence of an onerous rent will be the main factor contributing to my relief. On a more positive note, the lack of work will mean more time for blogging.

Righto—more later. Gotta rest.


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