Friday, July 26, 2013

ma bagnole défectueuse

I just received a notice from Honda that my 2008 Fit is, unfortunately, part of a massive recall because of a defective power-window master switch. Apparently, the switch can short out in extremely rainy conditions, which can result in smoke and even fire. I've been advised to take the car in for a free inspection; if the switch is currently undamaged, it will still need to be replaced later this year, when Honda will send out a second notice providing more specifics on the requisite repairs. Since my Honda is going down to my buddy Mike (I'll still be paying the loan and the insurance; Mike will handle fuel, property tax, and maintenance), I have to fill out a change-of-address form so that Honda's second notice reaches the proper pair of eyes.

The notice gives me some insight into what "recall" means. I had thought that a recall meant simply returning the car to the manufacturer, possibly in exchange for a spanking-new vehicle. Not so, it seems: in truth, a recall is simply a warning that a car possesses a serious defect and is in need of immediate repair.

So that's one more thing to worry about before I skedaddle.


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