Sunday, July 28, 2013

today's agenda

It's Saturday! In store for today:

1. Hit Costco for jjong-party material.

2. Hit the local Martin's for the remaining jjong-party material.

3. Do a bunch of prep-cooking: chicken, shrimp, salmon (marinate), pulled pork (slow-cook), shrooms, and bacon. Prep salad ingredients for easy assembly.

4. Do laundry.

5. Clean the floor.

6. Print out box labels for my moving boxes (the idea is to slap five labels on each box; each label is numbered with a "zone," based on "zone" photos I've taken of my apartment).

7. Move packing boxes to various rooms. Go to Wal-mart in search of more boxes. Stow them away, too, so they're not obtrusive for tomorrow's guests.

8. Plan Korean lessons for da goyles next week.


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