Wednesday, July 10, 2013

vagina monologue

I just saw the following news article title:

Woman Who Hid Gun in Vagina Gets 25 Years

I immediately thought to myself: how about some interesting rearrangements?

1. Woman Who Hid Vagina Gets Gun in 25 Years

2. Vagina Who Hid Woman in Gun Gets 25 Years

3. Woman Who Hid in Vagina 25 Years Gets Gun

4. Woman Who Hid Gun 25 Years Gets in Vagina

5. Woman Who Hid Gun Gets Vagina in 25 Years

6. Woman Who Hid Gun Gets in Vagina 25 Years

7. Woman Who Hid 25 Years in Gun Gets Vagina

And with some creative single-letter transpositions, we get;

8. Woman Who Hid in Gun Year Gets 25 Vaginas


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