Sunday, July 21, 2013

family gathering

Today, I taught three siblings from the H. family. The eldest, Cool Hand, is a quiet, studious teen; the middle child, Naughty, is a not-quite-as-studious little booger who's about to enter the seventh grade; the last child, Cutie, is an adorable (albeit overly distractable) dollop of charm who will join the second grade come September.

I've enjoyed teaching the members of this family. It's not just these three siblings who come to YB: there are also a few cousins who attend as well. Cutie is one of my two Korean-language students; the other is her tween cousin.

It occurred to me that I'd like to snap pics of most of my students as a way of remembering them. Don't be surprised if you see more young faces on this blog over the next few weeks.


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