Saturday, July 27, 2013

to-do list: partially completed

I had a few things on my to-do list today:

•Visit my brother Sean and do that AOL thing.

•Visit the Korean Consulate and retrieve my passport and visa.

•Visit the local County Government Center and do a change-of-address procedure.

•Visit Springleaf Financial and see about pulling out a second loan.

•Visit Costco and buy Sunday jjong-party material for my two private students.

Thus far today, I've accomplished the first three items. I know I won't be visiting Springleaf; despite my best intentions, I wound up running behind schedule; it's 4:10PM now, and Springleaf closes at 5PM. I'll try them next week. Meanwhile, I'm going to rest a bit, then head out to Costco this evening. Perhaps later tonight, I'll hit up Wal-mart again for yet more empty cardboard boxes. Wal-mart has turned out to be a surprisingly good source for containers, especially compared to the local Food Lion, which gave me all of six apple boxes when I came a-callin'. Rather parsimonious, they.

I've also got more photos of kids and coworkers to slap up on the blog, a short review of "Skyfall" to write, and a copy of my new E-1 professor visa to display. Stay thou tunèd.


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