Thursday, August 01, 2013

just like Karl in "Die Hard"

Like Karl (Alexander Godunov) at the very end of "Die Hard," the bug reappeared this morning. In a rush to get to work, I wrenched open my driver's-side door and saw the fly-thing sitting there on the driver's seat, giving me a beady-eyed look as if it were saying, "Wassuuuuuup?" I took out my pocketknife and smashed the little fucker, rubbing my unopened weapon into the car seat until the bug actually started to come apart. Its mutilated carcass flopped onto the floor mat. Not even bothering to eject the body, I simply got in, threw my bags into the passenger's seat, and started driving.

At least that's settled.



Charles said...

I assume this experience allowed you to get over that one time you accidentally smushed a little kid with your pocket knife because you thought he was a fly-thing.

Kevin Kim said...