Wednesday, August 07, 2013

T minus 1

Tomorrow is my final day at YB, then my life devotes itself fully to the remainder of my packing and storage tasks. Incredible. I've been taking students' pictures in a humble effort to preserve some memories, and I've also been carting over my bookshelves to the YB office. My car can't hold all the shelves at once, but I've been able to stuff in three or four at a time. I've got other shelving in my apartment that I'd rather not have taking up space in storage, but my brother David has consented to take those shelves home with him.

Packing proceeds apace, and while I tried, last night, to pack up the kitchen, by the time midnight rolled around I wasn't even half done. I'll continue once I get home tonight. Tomorrow, my final day at YB, I've been scheduled for only two morning classes, which means I'll be done by about 1:15PM. That ought to give me plenty of time to drive home, do some errands (I need to visit the local Comcast office, hand back a cable and a remote control, and cancel service), and finish up all the boxing. Friday is also a packing day, but my buddy Dr. Steve will be around to help out that day and the next. On Saturday the 10th, everyone will be here to help me move all my boxes out into their cars and trucks, and over to CubeSmart self-storage in Warrenton, Virginia. By the evening of the 10th, my apartment ought to be largely empty. Steve will have gone back to Pennsylvania, and I'll be all alone, left to contemplate emptiness. Or at least to contemplate the empty nest.

It's all coming to a head. Done with self-storage by the 10th. Out of my apartment on the 12th. Drive my car to Mike's place in Fredericksburg the same day. Get picked up by David and taken to Alexandria. Out of the country the very next day, on the 13th (3AM wake-up!). Less than a week to go, and still plenty to do.


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John McCrarey said...

I'm envious of your return to Korea. I should be going too. Alas.