Saturday, August 10, 2013

a final four hours of packing

I'm about to hit the hay, sleep five hours, then pack as quickly as I can in the morning, from 6:30AM to 10:30AM, which is when the wrecking crew is scheduled to arrive. Dr. Steve is already here; he arrived around dinnertime this evening, and I recruited him into helping me pack up most of my second bedroom. I spent most of Friday packing up the kitchen, which took a lot longer than anticipated. The rest of the apartment ought to go much more quickly, but I guess we'll see. 10:30AM is the cutoff time: I absolutely have to be ready to move everything out of my place.

Earlier Friday evening, Steve and I drove out to Warrenton CubeSmart self-storage. I wanted to go there to test out the procedure for getting in, and I wanted to show Steve the storage space in advance of move-out day. Access to the storage space turned out to be easy: pull up to the gate, key in the code, and drive up to the appropriate building. My space is on the second floor, so we took an elevator up and into the library-quiet structure. I found my lot, wrestled with the disk lock, and pondered whether a 5' x 10' space would be enough for all my boxes. The niche is pretty high, so I suppose we can stack the boxes high, but I worry that the stack might get fatigued and then collapse. Again, we'll see.

Big day coming. Just a few hours away, really.


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