Saturday, August 31, 2013

about that squeegee

Dammit, how hard can it be to find a simple bathroom squeegee? I'd been wanting one ever since my return to Korea: after all, I knew I'd end up with a domicile in which the toilet doubles as the shower, which meant droplet-spattered walls and a soaking floor after every wash. I've talked about the hygiene issue before; getting my bathroom dry in a minimum of time is paramount, which is where the squeegee comes in. Use that tool for thirty seconds, and in conjunction with a fan, your bathroom dries in half the time.

I had looked for a squeegee at the local Daiso. I'd looked for it at the local Point Mart. I'd looked at the local open market up the street. Nada. So tonight, when I went to E-Mart in search of a printer, I decided I'd troll the housewares aisles for that elusive implement.

Turns out that E-Mart's bathroom section has plenty of sponges, towels, mops, and the like, but no bathroom squeegees. So I reparadigmed my search and included the automotive aisles.


It took a bit of looking, but I eventually found a cheap car squeegee (W3000) that would do the trick. Bought that sucker and took it home. When I shower tomorrow morning, I'll be pressing that thang into service.


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