Thursday, August 08, 2013

just a few more hours

Unless the office has pulled a dirty trick on me, I've got only two more sessions—just four hours—to go before The End. All I need to do, now, is make my hazardous drive, not get caught by police, and get through the morning and very early afternoon.

Wow. No more YB after 1PM today.

UPDATE: Made it to work just fine. No accidents, and only one policeman at a speed trap on 66. Luckily, Statey was facing the wrong way, so he wasn't focused on my tiny car as it passed.

This isn't the Kevin you're looking for. Move along.


1 comment:

John McCrarey said...

Glad that worked out, it was a risky move. And a ticket of course was far from the worst possible outcome.

Still, what is the point of life if we don't tempt fate now and again? Me, I NEVER buy the extended warranty. I can be reckless that way.