Friday, August 09, 2013


My final set of pictures. These are a few pics of the small farewell party that the staff threw for me during our lunch break. First up—the spread:

Next up—most of the partiers (click to enlarge):

Finally, my two supervisors:

I was busy taking down all the artwork and charts from my work station's walls when the office ladies set up the party, so they caught me totally by surprise when they brought out that beautiful cake. Everyone gathered around my work station... then there was an awkward pause, and one person asked aloud, "Should we sing?" "No!" I laughed. I thanked everyone for the surprise, and told them that working at YB had been therapeutic for me: after my mother's death, human contact was what I needed. Which was true. Despite the money woes, YB was instrumental in taking me out of my sadness and self-pity, and in bringing me back into the human stream. I'll always be grateful for that.


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