Saturday, August 03, 2013

got my schedule

My teaching schedule for CUD just arrived. It is as follows:

11:00AM-12:50AM: Intermediate Speaking
1:00PM-2:50PM: Intermediate Speaking

9:00AM-10:50AM: Beginner Speaking

9:00AM-10:50AM: Beginner Speaking
11:00AM-12:50PM: Beginner Speaking

3:00PM-4:50PM: Intermediate Speaking


This is a magnificent schedule, with barely twelve hours' work on the charts. I'm also delighted to have Fridays off this semester (I was told this wasn't guaranteed; the off-day could just as easily have been a Wednesday), but I'm left with some nettlesome questions.

1. What classrooms will I be teaching in?

2. Are the groups of students listed in the schedule only with me, or will they also be working with other teachers? It seems strange for each group to meet only once a week; a student can't expect to learn much English that way.

In any event, I've sent my new boss, and one of my future coworkers, an email about how to interpret the schedule. We'll see what comes of that.


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