Friday, August 09, 2013

your adorable animal moment

Before I start slapping up pics of my students, I thought I'd display an image sent to me by my brother David, whose mixed-breed dog Penny gets more and more adorable as she grows up:

Kind of hard to chase sheep from that position, eh, Penny? (Penny's half boxer, half border collie. If you try to run away from her, her instinct will be to chase you down and bring you gently back into the herd.)

David and Patricia have been assiduous in locating all the regional dog parks so that Penny has an opportunity to run free, wherever she might be. David even found a dog park here in Front Royal, not far from the entrance to Skyline Drive. I'm not sure that the park in the above photo is a dog park, per se; it looks more like a typical playground to me, unless Penny is somehow able to brachiate along the monkey bars.


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