Saturday, August 31, 2013

about that printer

The printer I'm looking to buy from E-Mart is a printer/scanner/copier. The only function it's missing, were it to match the printer I'd abandoned in America, is faxing. My current target is a Samsung Bokhapgi SCX-3400, which costs W169,000. You can see it here.* It prints black-and-white copies, but I don't know whether it also scans only in black-and-white. (I'm going to presume not, but that may be a bad gamble.) I do know, now, whether there are Mac-compatible printer drivers for the thing: there are.

I'll likely buy the printer today, along with a toner cartridge and a ream of A4-size printer paper, then I'll go home and spend all day wrestling with setup and learning the printer's various functions. Like a kid at Christmas, really.

While I'm at E-Mart, I plan to hit the food court and enjoy a huge meal—far bigger than the Burger King meal I had last night—for only W12,000. A much better value than the Amurrican food. I saw a Japanese-style jeongshik set that looked as if it were meant for two people; that one's mine, baby. That one's mine.

*The large print on that ad says, roughly, "Enjoyable one-touch 3-in-1 black-and-white mini-laser all-in-one, with Windows 8 printing." Enough hyphens for you?


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