Thursday, August 29, 2013

random weight check

130.4 (287.4 pounds), down from the previous weigh-in that resulted in a reading of 132.5 (292.03 pounds).

I can now tighten my belt one notch further. It'll be a long time, of course, before my man-boobs stop drooping and my gut stops hanging over my pants' waistline, but my weight seems to be heading in the right direction. Commenter Sperwer attributed some of my weight loss to the "stressors" in my new life: moving to a new place, learning the ropes at school, etc. I think that's all true, but I think it's also true that I'm now doing a daily exercise that I hadn't done while working at YB in Virginia: a 15-minute walk, twice per day. Given what I know about my own walking speed, I'd say that 15 minutes' walking constitutes less than a mile, which means I'm doing somewhat less than two miles' walking every day. I can add to that distance by walking around campus—something I plan on doing soon, like Immanuel Kant did with his daily strolls through Königsberg. Those walks, if I plan the routes well, could easily add another mile or two to my distance.

We've also got a campus gym, which I'll probably sign up for once I've obtained an alien registration card. I plan to head over to Immigration tomorrow for just that purpose. Today, I visit the Admin Building to pick up my copy of my employment contract, as well as to pick up a business document that I'll need for tomorrow's trip to la migra.



Charles said...

It's actually an alien registration card (or, to be even more precise, "certificate of alien registration")... which sounds much more sinister, doesn't it?

I'm still waiting for my UFO.

Kevin Kim said...

Corrected! I had asked at the office about that, too, and heard the same thing: alien registration. I suppose that makes sense as a translation of "등록."

John said...

Keep after it! Do you find it more difficult to do the LCHF routine in Korea? I mean, obviously rice is served with everything, but is it generally easier?

Kevin Kim said...


Can't say that I've been doing LCHF at all. All this weight loss is attributable to a change in physical routine. If this little exercise is producing such results, imagine what real exercise would do.

I should get back on the LCHF horse, though, and soon.